Response to the Regulator of Social Housing’s Compliance Notification

The Charity accepts the reasons why the Regulator has taken this decision and the Charity is committed to undertaking a comprehensive review of its compliance to the Governance and Financial Viability Standard. The Charity will continue to work with the Regulator of Social Housing to strengthen its governance and compliance to the Governance and Financial…Read More

How a MySpace Tenant who fed the homeless lost his business and ended up homeless himself, but still helps rough sleepers

Marc Thomas, 46, of Plasmarl, who is a MySpace tenant who helped Swansea’s homeless who ended up without a roof over his head has come full circle and has helped rough sleepers this winter. Marc Thomas has been through everything from having his community café closed down, bankruptcy, to a breakdown and sofa surfing before…Read More

Recourse Event: Diversion and Early Intervention for Women in the Criminal Justice System

Peter Lynch our Strategic Director attended a conference jointly run by Recourse and Lancashire Women on “Diversion and Early Intervention for Women in the Criminal Justice System”. Lancashire Women have been delivering a pilot project in partnership with Lancashire Police for the last 12 months. Recourse is an early intervention project with an aim to divert…Read More

The Housing Ombudsman Service

As you may have seen in some sector publications, My Space has been issued with a Complaint Handling Failure Order for a tenant complaint in October 2021.Please be assured that the order did not reflect the way we handled the compliant or indeed the impact to the tenant involved, it was more an administrative issue…Read More

Newly built veterans accommodation

MySpace have recently built a new development site located on Grundy Road, Farnworth, Bolton which will be used to accommodate the veterans. The accommodation will support veterans in adjusting and integrating into the community, offering support for their mental health, employment, and education. For more information about the accommodation please see the news article from…Read More