15th December 2017


We work with partners to work to create commercially productive relationships which never compromise on quality. These partnerships mean we can deliver the best value for money in our sector.

Working together helps us to set new standards in  supported living but, ultimately, and most importantly, enhances the quality of life of our residents.

Care Providers

We work with a range of care providers to ensure that our residents receive the best possible support in their homes. They, as well as our funders and other partners, demand the highest standards, and by integrating the delivery of their services with ours we’re able to achieve the best outcomes.

We collaborate with our partners to ensure residents are fully supported in all aspects of their home life. This approach helps vulnerable people to maintain a tenancy, get the right support to manage their own money and make sure they can budget for bills and food – all of which helps develop a more independent lifestyle.

Our partners include…

Our  supported housing service offers significant savings when compared to more traditional methods of taking care of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

My Space always deliver value for money, ensuring that Local Care budgets are used effectively and we provide a solution to the complex problems faced by commissioners of adult health and social care.


My Space work with reputable and accredited private landlords to source quality properties. In return we can offer:

  • Guaranteed rent each month for the duration of the tenancy
  • No fees
  • 24-hour emergency repair service
  • Regular property inspections
  • Long-term rentals
  • Properties let on a ‘company let’ basis. My Space pay
    the rent regardless of any changes in a resident’s circumstances
We have residents waiting for accommodation and take new referrals on a daily basis. If you have a property available to rent, or you wish to discuss our services further, please contact the My Space office:
My Space Housing Solutions
(Head office)
T: 01204 694154 

E: info@myspacehousing.org