How a MySpace Tenant who fed the homeless lost his business and ended up homeless himself, but still helps rough sleepers

Marc Thomas, 46, of Plasmarl, who is a MySpace tenant who helped Swansea’s homeless who ended up without a roof over his head has come full circle and has helped rough sleepers this winter.

Marc Thomas has been through everything from having his community café closed down, bankruptcy, to a breakdown and sofa surfing before coming out the other side.

Marc said : “I became very unwell, I couldn’t function or see anything and I had a breakdown.

“I was homeless but was sofa surfing and would have to sleep in my car and was then taken out of that environment.

“I was taken in a B&B in Oystermouth Road in Swansea.

“I was helped to get back on my feet, from there on I have my goals to keep my finances in order, which My Space has helped me with.

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