Message from one of our Tenants Richard

Hi, my name is Richard

I currently live at the Easington My Space property and have so since December 2020.

When I moved in I had only the clothes on my back. I was in a dark place when I arrived and had thoughts of harming myself in lockdown. I lost everything, my job, my home, and ended up on the streets.

Then I was offered the opportunity to move into a supported accommodation on the Easington site and was greeted with a brilliant new built modern 2 bed flat that I was over the moon with and through the help and support I received from my housing Officer Annette Monaghan I was able to rebuild my life both emotionally and physically.

My weekly meetings helped me talk through my issues, and over time with the help of the support structure in place I was able to build up my possessions for when the time comes for me to move onto the next step of this journey, called life. Without this support there is a chance I would not be here today.

The help I have received has given me the tools to rebuild for example budgeting for my bills, food, and general cost of living, but more importantly it has given me the strength to want better and to do better. It has fully restored my faith, humanity, and because of that I would like to thank Annette from the bottom of my heart for making this all possible.

Thank you for picking up the pieces and helping others like me that would otherwise have fallen through

the cracks in the current system that the Central Government has in place.

Thanks’ Annette for saving my life when no one else cared

Peace, love, and empathy