7th August 2020


At My Space, we know what a fantastic job our team does on a daily basis. But don’t just take our word for it, here is some feedback on our services from the people we house and the agencies we work with…

I love my flat and this gives me pride knowing that this is my home where I feel safe and secure. I have spent a lot of time making my flat feel like home, and it does, my sanctuary.” Tenant G

Having the support is great, and I feel comfortable coming to speak to my Housing Officer on site, as I have struggled to ask for help in the past.” Tenant N

This is my first home that is only mine.” Tenant J

All three tenants appear to be going from strength to strength with the assistance of A and M at My Space. They have all had their issues in the past but they are now enjoying a period of stability, and a sense of their own identity. They are an example of when we choose the right people with the right attitude and provide good wrap-around support, what can be achieved.”

PC, Durham Constabulary

I would like to thank you all at My Space, especially (Housing Officer) L. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am now, so I really appreciate all the help and everything My Space has done for me. They helped me succeed, I’m so grateful.” Tenant D

It was due to the intervention of your employee T that ensured that my son has now received the assistance and help we both have been crying out for for years. I can’t praise her enough and I would highly commend the care and dedication she has shown in her support of both S and also me as his mum. S is now receiving the help he requires to function in society and the relationship and trust T has built with S is I believe paramount to a successful outcome for my son. I cannot praise T more. She’s been amazing and I really don’t think that S would be receiving the help he is now receiving if it wasn’t for this amazing lady.” Tenant’s mother

I’m so impressed with the way this case has been handled – you have gone above and beyond for this tenant.” PCSO, Bolton

I was amazed with the way these once derelict flats have been refurbished to a really good standard in order to benefit your residents. My Space need to be congratulated in the way they have transformed these flats into liveable independent accommodation. Without doubt, your staff at High Newham Court are head and shoulders above any other staff from other support organisations with whom I come into contact.” Visiting Officer, Stockton Council

Your Housing Officers were very helpful and supportive in their engagement with the tenant. Their flexibility and ‘can-do’ attitude was normalising and non-stigmatising. Can you thank them for their help and support?Liaison and Diversion Team Leader

“From leaving my old flat where everything was going wrong, My Space have given me the foundations to change my life and help me become me.” Tenant L

(Housing Officer) D has consistently supported this young man in often difficult circumstances in a fair and friendly manner. He clearly demonstrated understanding of his needs and has been flexible in order to meet those needs. Without the support of D and your organisation I am sure this young man would have been in a dire situation.” Community Mental Health worker

I was all over the place, and S and P have done an amazing job and still do. S helps me a lot, he understands my illness and he helps with everything I have a problem with. I’m really thankful for My Space for giving me a chance to prove myself. I can’t praise them enough.Tenant D

I just wanted to raise with you how committed and pro-active your team members T and in particular K are in their roles. They have provided support and shared info for what continues to be a very difficult situation, and their work has been absolutely invaluable in as we attempt support MB to manage his health and his tenancy.” Care Co-ordinator, Salford

I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to My Space and all your team. My son recently had a psychotic episode and was hospitalised. His Housing Officer J and their Manager could not have been more supportive. Obviously, as a mother, my concern for my son was paramount, and the fact that My Space were so supportive and non-judgemental made things far easier to bear. I will forever appreciate the support given! J went out of his way, in his own time, concentrating on support, with a compassionate disposition. You really run an exceptional team and please know how much we both value what opportunity you have enabled him to have, which is security. This I feel is paramount to his wellbeing. So truly, thank you for the wonderful work you all do, improving the quality of life for vulnerable people.” Tenant’s mother