15th December 2017

About Us

My Space Housing Solutions provides supported housing to some of the most vulnerable people in society, supporting and enabling them to live independently.

Our supported accommodation enables our tenants to live independently within their community, while receiving a high level of tenancy sustainment support. 

Our accommodation is safe, successful and sustainable. We put people at the heart of everything we do, and are unique in that we provide housing when all other opportunities have been exhausted. We lead the way in improving lives, creating opportunities and supporting people to achieve great things.

Our primary purpose is to provide good quality housing and our aim is summed up by our organisation’s vision: Supporting Independence, Inspiring Growth.

My Space provide homes within communities with an emphasis on creating safe and homely environments. We have developments across the North West and North East of England as well as the Midlands and Wales, offering a range of accommodation. Each property is sourced taking into account the needs and desires of residents to ensure it is suitable, and our asset-based approach means we can enable all our tenants to maintain successful tenancies.

Our approach means vulnerable people can live in good homes with the necessary support, but also puts them on the path to improving their wellbeing, integrating with their communities and living independently.

My Space are committed to ensuring we provide value for money in all aspects of our service, aligned with our Vision and Values through economic, efficient and effective activity in all areas of our offer:

Economy: minimising the cost of resources used while having regard to quality outcomes for tenants

Efficiency: measurable social and economic outcomes in relation to the output from our activity and the resources needed to operate the service

Effectiveness: the extent to which our vision and value objectives are achieved and the relationship between intended and actual impacts