St Pauls Memorial Gardens, Manchester

After recent complaints were raised from the locals regarding how the memorial gardens at St Pauls had become over the years, a meeting with one of the local parishioners was made on how MySpace could help to tackle the issue. After discussions, a date was arranged for a client involvement event took place tidy up the memorial gardens. Throughout this discussion it was highlighted by the local parishioners that they would like to lay a memorial place and hold a dedication service at a later date, to commemorate those who had passed.

Thanks to all the colleagues & volunteers for all the help and for your attendance at the dedicated ceremony. It was very fitting that people who once attended at St Paul’s church building and those that now occupy it were together to witness the ceremony.
The people to whom the dedication is made, deserve recognition for their loyalty , devotion and service not only to the church but to the wider community of the parish and town . The ashes of a former mayor and his lady mayoress of Bury are interred in the memorial garden, many relatives of those who were there are also interred there. The memorial garden will be a focal point for many people who visit Bury having attended or have relatives who have worshipped at St Paul’s in the past

Eric Rule, Partnership Development Officer