My Space Meets the Mayor

Three lucky residents from My Space were invited to meet the Mayor of Bury, Councillor Jane Black, this week.

Staff and residents from two of our developments in the town were escorted to the Town Hall by their local Councillor, Trevor Holt, who was happy to show them around and introduce them to the Mayor. Over tea and biscuits, Emma, Gavin and Lucy explained where they lived and how My Space supports them to live more independent lives. They were shown a range of ceremonial robes and accessories as the Mayor explained what her role involves and the sorts of things she enjoys doing, such as meeting community groups and attending events. Also with us was Bethanie Mortenson, who is the Deputy Youth MP for Bury.

They also had the chance to sit in the Council Chamber where all council meetings take place, and found out that anyone can go along to see how the council works, and even ask a question!

Everyone enjoyed the visit, and said it was really interesting to find out what being Mayor means and to have the chance to look round the Town Hall.