15th December 2017

About Us

At My Space, we are proud to put people at the heart of everything we do – we are unique in that we provide housing for the most vulnerable members of society when all other opportunities have been exhausted.

We are are a charitable housing association and registered social landlord. Our primary purpose is to provide good quality housing and our aim is summed up by our organisation’s vision: Supporting Independence, Inspiring Growth.

My Space provide homes within communities with an emphasis on creating safe and homely environments. We have properties across the North West and North East of England as well as the Midlands, offering a range of accommodation. Each property is sourced taking into account the needs and desires of residents to ensure it is suitable, and we provide intensive housing support to all our residents to enable them to maintain successful tenancies.

Our approach means vulnerable people can live in good homes with the necessary support, but also puts them on the path to improving their wellbeing, integrating with their communities and living independently.  The way we work is underpinned by our core values:

Empathy: always doing the best job, because we see things from other people’s point of view
Integrity: doing the right thing, being honest and open and keeping our promises
Respect: treating others as we’d like to be treated ourselves, being understanding and non-judgemental
Team work: taking pride in supporting each other and recognising a job well done

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